Wednesday Competition

The Spring Competition is held from 4.00pm, every Wednesday (except school holidays) and will commence on the 25th August and finish at the end of the 2021 school year.  

Each week the athletes will compete in a variety of track and field events.  The events change every week so that all events are covered over the season.  The weekly programme will be available on our Favebook page and published in the local paper.

Tiny Tots have their own program with an athletics basis which develops gross motorskills. Generally, Tiny Tots runs from 4.15 - 5 pm.  


It is impossible for Temora Athletics Club to operate without the commitment of parents who volunteer their time to be part of the committee that organises all aspects of the operation of the Centre. The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting held in December each year.

Athletics is a family sport. To operate successfully, adults are needed to assist with the running of events each week. 

A parent/guardian for each family will be rostered for duty each week. The roster will be available on our Facebook page, on the noticeboard each week and published in the Temora Independent each Tuesday.

If you know that you will be absent on a certain week,  please write your name and the date(s) in the appropriate book on a Wednesday afternoon, or contact the Program & Roster Director  [details in front of the Handbook],  so that you will not be put on the roster for that week.

It is the policy of Little Athletics NSW and Temora Athletics Club, that a parent, guardian or carer must  be present whilst children are attending Athletics. Athletes will not be able to compete without an adult present.


Little Athletics NSW has specific behavioural guidelines for all athletes, parents, relatives and spectators involved with Little Athletics.  These guidelines can be found on the LANSW website.

We ask that adults encourage all athletes to participate in all events, to show good sportsmanship and to have fun.

We expect children and adults to treat each other with respect.