Club Awards

McDonalds Most Improved Certificates
These will be presented before competition each week to those athletes who have improved at a number of events.  

New Records

A certificate will be presented on the next competition day to any athlete who breaks an existing Club record or a Temora Carnival record  and  a medallion will be presented on Presentation Day to those athletes who hold new Temora Carnival records or new Club records at the completion of the Spring Competition.



Personal Best Awards   [Pointscore]

At the Presentation Day in December,  trophies for the Personal Best Award will be presented to athletes for each gender in each age group,  based on points awarded for self improvement,  with the following provisions:


  • To be eligible for these awards an athlete must participate on at least 50% of the total number of weeks for the competition.


  • Points for self improvement will only be awarded for improvement.  Points will not be awarded for the first recorded time or distance for the season and will not be awarded for a personal best time or distance that is equalled.


  • Where there are less than 4 eligible athletes in a group, then groups that have equal opportunity   of receiving points from participating in the same events may be combined at the discretion of the Committee as athletes must earn these awards.

Athletes who participate in the same events are:

Under 6 and Under 7 age groups

Under 8 age group

Under 9 and Under 10 age groups

Under 11,  Under 12,  Under 13,  Under 14,  Under 15             

                                                and   Under 17 age groups

Senior Athletes


  • The athlete(s) with the highest point score will receive the Personal Best Award.



Participation Awards

A medal will be presented to all Tiny Tots who have participated on at least 50% of the total number of weeks either on the last competition day for the Spring Competition or at the Presentation Day depending on the number of Tiny Tots registered for the season.

At the Presentation Day in December, a medal will be presented to each athlete from Under 6  to Open who has not earned a Personal Best Award,  provided the athlete has participated on at least 50% of the total number of weeks.


Major Awards - please refer to the Handbook for details about these awards.

Encouragement Award -  donated by JARDON Technologies

Scott Reardon Perpetual Trophy for Sportsmanship  -  donated by the Joyce family

Junior Club Person of the Year - donated by the Dahlenburg family

Club Person of the Year - donated by Rick Firman and Family

Volunteer of the Year Award - donated by the Groth family